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Chally used to be a mod on both the now-dead FWD and on Feministe. She is most infamous for having a meltdown in the form of a "poem," with comments pre-emptively disabled, when the post she herself put up about pop culture got many more comments than did a post she put up about women of color being shot. Gentlefailer discussion.

Chally is a self-righteous doucherag whose 'contributions' are nothing more than generalizing without understanding a thing she's talking about, a hefty dose of lecturing everyone whether or not the subject pertains to them, then not allowing comments, or closing comments when people don't mindlessly agree with her, since she can't bear to admit she doesn't understand her own subject matter. What little was still good about Feministe officially died the day she was allowed on.”

While at Feministe, Chally also once wrote that wanting to prevent medical conditions in infants equals not wanting those infants to exist.

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