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3 derpy cartoon fish

Fish Nonsense Nonny

One of our more benign and amusing trolls is a nonny who frequently starts nonsense threads, which are often fish- or ocean-themed. An early example:

"Title was HERE FISHY FISHY, text read: Sweet shining ones of sparkling depth, swim hither and yon be free in your depths / H20 depth, your fathomless ocean home / (ASCII fish) bloop splosh / Quite tasty you are with chips"

In a venting thread five days later, a subthread OP was derailed with this (click image for full size):

This inspired various other nonsense threads on meme, as well as nonsensical replies to mods. The best such thread, however, was an untitled free-association one that began with "Tragedy of the Salmon" and just went on from there, for 116 comments.

Other appearances of FNN

Dec. 22, 2014: They swam by to say くコ:彡 and C:。ミ. The latter had some nonnies mistaking them for our long-lost friend El Pulpo.

April 15, 2015: In response to the sentiment “Fish are nicer”:

No some m and devour lower fish of food chain

Not nice but Darwin ism surviving

Does nice love exist in Darwin world of compete and devour of each other life form?

I believe that YES, still is such love.

May 16, 2015: Nonnies profess their liking for FNN.

June 21, 2015:

flik flik

I suround you but quick
in the light in the dark
Will henceforth be all of same to you anyway
lightdark twilight all but faintly REDl

an undulating small creatures swimfly in reddish sky flail
are horror or beauty?

And now after all this do you care still of SHIFT KEY??

**Jul. 17, 2015:**

my teacup sounds like the Ocean

what has science to say

Thereupon commenced a thread about "peoplemaids."

The next day, in the same thread:

**Hey Landmaid**

I would make to breathe the air in the kelp for you cos I think you're swell

- yrs splashily


Aug. 25, 2015: Was FNN branching out into bird nonsense? “Bird are skyfish, this I have told you previous”

Sep. 18, 2015:

Re: Fic Recs - Fishy Stuff

AU where they working in cafe of seafood by sea tourist place

the scampi is mystic scampi, at ideal fry temperature it awoke. speak secret wisdoms which lead then to adventures. when anoint with tartare of the ancients

Oct. 6, 2015:

if fishtiger

swim out from my ear and across of galaxy

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