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Everyday Feminism

Everyday Feminism is mainly an SJ blog on which writers write essays and which comments are disabled. However, it offers a Facebook community that invites commentary… at least, commentary from people who agree with everything its authors write.

Meme began to notice EF in August 2015. On August 1, a nonny linked to this EF article asserting that “multiple fragrance sensitivity” is real — despite evidence to the contrary — and that people are obliged to go scent-free in public so that the author and others can “breathe when I’m around you,” or else “ableism.” Quote: “You are literally ruining my ability to be healthy in my body when you fill this space with chemicals and/or fragrances.”

That misuse of ‘chemicals’LOL. ‘Even if it’s unscented, it’s still extremely chemical’ oh my god I cant breathe Im laughing too hard.”

Who’s going to tell her that she’s made of chemicals?”

In the same thread, another nonny provided a link to this EF piece on “heteronormativity,” which claims, “The only people who benefit from Gay Marriage™ are those who already hold positions closer to the center of the circle anyway (like being middle class or wealthy, monogamous, and cisgender).”

Right, because who needs those legal benefits that come with marriage? Your radik3wlness will keep you warm and healthy!”

EF came up again twice on August 5. The more substantive thread appeared in Unpopular Opinions, venting about this post which excoriates anybody who refuses to warn for any sorts of triggers. In the Random Venting thread, a nonny reported having seen an EF reblog on Facebook that contained the sentence, “This is a necessary and important read.”

“Sometimes I read EF to see if its gotten better (nonny who mentioned doing the same the other post, I feel you!), but I will never, ever read this article. … Which is super bratty and contrary of me. But based on every EF article Ive read to date, I doubt that this is either necessary or important.”

On August 7, in the regular Tumblr-mocking thread, a nonny linked to this cartoon about “homonormativity” that originated on EF. Meme opinion on it was divided.

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