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Asymbina is the most common online pseudonym of a person who has been a long-standing dedicated Winterfox stan. Other known pseuds: Asymptotic Binary (of which Asymbina is a contraction), Kystran (Star Trek Online), laudre (Origin), Fengbao of Blacksky (World of Warcraft).

Asymbina has posted a number of puff pieces in support of Winterfox/Sriduangkaew, trying to cast doubts on the Mixon report or the characters of WF's targets. She also engages on WF's behalf on several online forums - most notably where she is very active. Although Asymbina identifies as a trans woman, she has chosen to ignore WF's statements on trans people at and elsewhere before she attempted to recast herself into an avid SJW as RH/BS.

  • Feb. 27, 2015: Meme discusses a post by Asymptotic Binary entitled “Authors Behaving Badly: Pat Cadigan”, in which Asymbina implied both that Cadigan had ties to Gamergate and that Cadigan might not really have cancer. Nonnies found extra hilarity in this paragraph:

“There’s a long list of things I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and cancer’s right up there, along with, say, winding up in the crosshairs of a relentless, toxic Internet hate mob that has driven women out of their homes, and has driven a number of women away from a particular career, a particular industry, out of fear that they might become its target.”

It legitimately took me a second to connect that they (she?) meant GamerGaters, not RH and her backup.”

  • Sep. 15, 2015: Asymbina claimed FFA thanked Sriduankaew's stalker, despite the fact that doxxing is against meme rules. Nonnies theorize that Asymbina was referencing a “passing guest” wiki editor who “thanked the stalker on the wiki article when they added WF's wallet name. But as [meme] previously discussed, passing-guest's editing privileges were promptly removed and the reference was edited out within 10 minutes. Within that 10 minutes, someone also took a screenshot…Eight days later, WF posted the screenshot.”

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