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Winterfox post-March 2015

Post #182: OP links to an Abigail Nussbaum post in which Nussbaum explained why she would be voting “No Award” for the “Best Fan Writer” Hugo. Most nonnies felt it was a reasonable post, and a few praised this specific sentence: “Benjanun Sriduangkaew and Vox Day are two sides of the same coin. They’re both bullies and trolls, who seem to take genuine pleasure out of causing pain and destruction.”

Post #183: The comments to Nussbaum’s post filled up with Winterfox’s victims. Liz Williams threatened legal action against Nussbaum for saying that Williams and Tricia Sullivan ran a months-long “whisper campaign” against BS that included “contacting publishers and urging them not to buy stories from Sriduangkaew.” (Meme discussion; conclusion was that Nussbaum’s claim was wrong but probably not actionable.) Sullivan also spoke up to call that claim “simply untrue.” Nussbaum snidely refused to address Williams’ complaint; Williams came back with an equally snide rebuttal. Nussbaum, closing the thread just after Asymptotic Binary showed up, claimed, “I have absolutely no interest in rehashing this summer’s events.” Also note that she had apparently confused Mixon with Azarias, for which she apologized and amended her post.

Wool Sweaterly: “It’s very hard to be a racist and a miscegenist at the same time.” 100% irony free! (Meme discussion.) The Saga of Mad Empress Ben-Janun continued! Kameron Hurley: Today’s weak emo females should live in WWII France! (Meme discussion.) Great post by Mia. (Meme subthread.)

Post #245: Writer Yoon Ha Lee confided non-anonymously to meme that reviewer Lois Tilton’s comparison of Lee's writing to Winterfox’s “makes me think I should just shoot myself and stop writing now.” Meme tried to console Lee.

Post #246: A nonny wrote that Winterfox was trying to get people to report Juliet McKenna to Twitter for harassment because of this blogpost. The ensuing 400-comment thread touched upon how this new development was connected to the Mixon Report, how Winterfox despises older women, Tori Truslow “being a sociopath again,” and Winterfox’s latest Tumblr post calling McKenna a stalker. Also:

[E]ven before the Mixon report came out I was hearing from friends in the industry that various editors and publishers who had no intention of commenting publicly had quietly decided not to publish her if the opportunity came up — not for ideological reasons so much as because it's too much drama for too little reward.”

Post #247: Winterfox retweeted one of her victims, Saladin Ahmed: “I really do think we've come to believe that performing outrage magically absolves one of complicity.” Meme also discussed how she scouts out people on Twitter and tries to groom them into new defenders.

Post #250: A nonny discovered that WF created a new corporation in Thailand in 2014.

Post #253: Discussion of WF still being able to get her fiction published, most recently in //Beneath Ceaseless Skies//. Supposedly BCS’s editors “were very pro-Requires Hate when she was still running that blog, and I've heard rumors that they knew who she was from the beginning, so this really doesn't surprise me.” She’s also published at Clarkesworld, “where one of her strongest supporters, Sean Wallace, [is] working as the Fiction Editor.” Excerpts of her new story were posted here, demonstrating that her taste for purple prose and genocide continues.

Also in that thread: She's vague tweeting about Kari [Sperring] again, it's really gross.” The tweets were quoted here in case of deletion. Another nonny reminds meme that

“when people were taking Catherynne Valente to task for not regulating winterfox’s comments in the thread that started that incident she and winterfox had a fit about how dare we expect Valente to regulate her friends! It inspired a post by Valente which John Scalzi described as ‘Cat Valente laying some truth on you’ and winterfox’s insipid mean girls essay because how dare we expect people to do anything about harassment being done in their name!”

Post #255: OP quoted “The saddest little Winterfox whine ever,” in which WF tweeted, “Mixon will probably win fan writer Hugo and send the message that GG [GamerGate] tactics are okay.” She was apparently also asking around on Twitter for “recommendations for an international lawyer.”

Post #359: Winterfox pops up again to go after Mary Robinette Kowal, claiming that Kowal's support of Winterfox's victims is somehow aiding Winterfox's stalker and helping racists abuse her.

Post #403: Meme learns that the beleaguered Harlot Media, a small press run by Jetta Rae, has brought on Winterfox as a fiction editor.

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