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In September 2021, a nonny summarized their experience of reading a poorly-written Peter/Tony coffeeshop AU.

A number of details seemed off—surely Peter cannot be described as an “unwanted ward” to his aunt and uncle, supporting character Ned should not be a redhead, and the description Tony seemed… off.

Then a character pulled his apNed off.

“If you're going to find and replace a Snarry fic to try and pass it off as P/T, you might at least spend five seconds to make sure your fic doesn't have any words containing 'Ron' in them.”

Sounds dirtybadwNedg.

The putative author had, in fact, plagiarized someone else's Snarry fic. Meme had been having fun making fun of it so far, but this was considered a step too far, and the original author was notified. To make matters worse, the plagiarized version was a gift in a Peter/Tony themed fest.

The P/T plagiarized version was deleted, as were other fics in the same fest.

But nonnies had a great deal of fun talling about Ned Weasley and inserting “ned” into words such as confNedt, affNedt, and unpNedounceable.

And of course, a nonny wrote a Ned Weasley/Spider-Mans gangbang, with copious use of words containing “ron”.

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