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Wiki Account Administration

Request an account

Want to help curate the wiki? You'll need an account with editing privileges! To request one, you can either:

  • email the FFA Wiki Mod at with a subject line of “new account” and your desired username in the body
  • comment to this FFA thread (thread not yet available) with a valid email address and your desired username

Important note about email visibility

Please note that the FFA Wiki Mod and any other admins of the wiki will be able to view the email address attached to your user account. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to give a sock email when you request an account.

Making changes to your account

By default, Dokuwiki assigns and emails you a random password. To edit your password or your display name, update your profile here or click on the Update Profile link in the top right.

Account Permissions

New users will initially only be able to edit pages. If you want permission to create pages and upload images, please email the wiki mod again and ask.

Please note that users who abuse their privileges to deface the wiki (e.g. deliberately adding wrong information, uploading spam images etc) will have their privileges revoked.

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