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Used to Be a Mod

Used To Be a Mod (with apologies to the Drive-By Truckers)


2011-03-28 11:06 pm (UTC)

I used to be a mod

but the fandom got too wanky
They're yelling and they're screeching
till they cough up half a lung

Sometimes late at night
I still come around and troll 'em
I log in as my sock
and I go and have some fun

I used to have a comm
but the newbies overthrew me
They said they couldn't stand
the shiny tinhat that I wore
The one they put in charge
she won't even talk to me
but ever since I left
no-one goes there anymore

And I got scars on my back
from where everybody stabbed me
just because I said
they were stupid little whores
My amazing writing skills
made them emerald with envy
I used to be a mod
till they kicked me off the boards

And I used to run a contest
but people hated me for winning
Then my first splashy flounce
made 'em beg me to stay
The fan community
was the only place I was properly admired
but my brilliance and my skills
were just more than they could take.

I used to have a job
till I called the boss a loser
I'm only being honest, and I've gotta have my way
My so-called friends
all decided I'm a user
But sometimes late at night,
I creep around the comm
I search it for my name
just to see what people have to say

It isn't that I care
I just wonder what they have to say

If you don't know the song I destroyed here, it is incredible: Used To Be a Cop by the Drive-By Truckers; you can find it on YouTube here:

Additional discussion here a few years later.

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