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TJLC vs JLEG The Return of the Wankers

Ed. note: If you've come here from an outside website, please be aware that while we strive for these pages to be an accurate and well-documented accounting of events, this is an unofficial and internal wiki for the use of the nonnies at fail_fandomanon. Links marked in red go to posts outside of FFA, and the footnotes are archived versions of these pages.

Oh, gracee, nobody is saying that YOU should stop using "TJLC." They want OTHER people to stop using it, and instead use a new, less-loaded term; YOU should BY ALL MEANS keep using it, as a warning to others of what a colossal rectal prolapse you are.


The Interview That "Killed" TJLC

At SDCC 2016, Sherlock creator Steven Moffat spoke about the possible inclusion of a gay character in the show, and how, if they did, it would be a slow reveal. The Johnlock Conspiracy true believers, including Graceebooks, took this as confirmation that JohnLock would be endgame, and celebrated accordingly:

Moffat was on a panel with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, discussing the topic of representation – specifically gay representation – in media, particularly in science fiction and popular television. A few comments were being taken by some in the Sherlock fandom as confirmation that a certain ‘ship’ (‘Johnlock’ – John Watson and Sherlock Holmes) would not only definitely happen in the series, and that Moffat had actually confirmed the pair would lock lips in the Season 4 finale.

Less than a week later website Withanaccent posted their (post-panel) interview with Moffat, Gatiss, Executive Producer Sue Vertue, and actress and perennial TJLC target Amanda Abbington. The showrunners specifically called out fans who “[take] things that have been said by those involved in the production [of Sherlock] and twisting them to suit their own agendas:”

But we’ve explicitly said this [a romance between John & Sherlock] is not going to happen – there is no game plan – no matter how much we lie about other things, that this show is going to culminate in Martin and Benedict going off into the sunset together. They are not going to do it. And if people want to write whatever they like and have a great time extrapolating that’s absolutely fine. But there is no hidden or exposed agenda.

When Gatiss tweeted to confirm the article was true, TJLC promptly "lost their collective lower intestines,“ falling back on their old standard of saying Mofftiss (who they previously called “our dads”) were insultingplugin_helper.phpqueer teens,plugin_helper.php among other attacks. Even Aja waded in with an article on Vox (content warning: Aja) that compared TJLC to Larry Stylinson tinhatters.

Soon enough, though, the doubters were silenced by the True Believers,plugin_helper.php who continued to insist that this denial was one in a long line of lies and misdirectionsplugin_helper.php the BBC has forced Mofftiss to publicize, and ridiculing thoseplugin_helper.php who 'lost faith'plugin_helper.php after the interview.plugin_helper.php One TJLCer, watsonstater, went so far as to postulate that Disney & Marvel killed canon Johnlock so as to ”not 'sully' their next-in-line 'heartthrobs' with any type of 'gay tag'.“plugin_helper.php Meme scoffs: ”They've gone full Goss now, haven't they?“ Nonnies point out that pre-Captain America, Sebastian Stan was best known for playing gay characters who cry and make terrible life choices. Several nonnies also object to using the term ”heartthrob“ in reference to Martin Freeman.


Who are the supposed "nice TJLC'ers" and who is in the Wank Pack (besides Gracee)? Because I see people in this thread (and in sub threads; this was just the easiest one to link to) who I'd thought had been Gracee friends, who mourned LSIT leaving fandom, etc, but who are now yelling “not us! Not all TJLC'ers!”

Perhaps emboldened by the perceived cracks in the TJLC monopoly of Sherlock fandom highlighted by the interview, Mid0nz, a favored target of Graceebooks & loudest-subtext-in-television, posts about the “dark history of TJLC:”

If Moffat and Gatiss have experienced ¼ of the garbage I’ve gotten from TJLCers, they’re dealing with horrible, horrible stuff behind the scenes that they’re not even addressing. When they say they get pilloried– they mean it.plugin_helper.php

Her notes explode with support and far too many stories plugin_helper.php of people who have had run-ins with the TJLC clique.plugin_helper.php Meme was especially horrified by holnnes' account of a blog created specifically to harass and mock her when she was a minor: ”While they eventually branched out to harassing other people in the fandom, it all started because a group of adult TJLCers decided that a teenage girl was the ideal target for a hate blog and anonymous harassment for nearly a year of my life.“plugin_helper.phpTumblr user theleftpill puts together a squeeful rec list plugin_helper.php of Sherlockians uninvolved with the ignorant TJLC fucktrucks, and overall, the tone of the conversation alternates between “holy shit, that's awful, I didn't know!” and “here's where you can hang out and be safe!”

Of course, this being Tumblr, it wasn't long before someone shit in the pool, and besina chimes in, equating Mid0nz's characterization of all TJLCers as bullies with ”all Germans are Nazisplugin_helper.php and attempting to reclassify Gracee et al as “The Wank Pack” rather than “TJLCers.” Anarfea engages thoughtfully, insisting that a better analogy would be ”all Christians are homophobes,“plugin_helper.php while other Sherlock fans mock this #notallTJLCers mentality.plugin_helper.php One nonny sums it up:

I've never encountered a person who whole-heartedly believed in TJLC and also WASN'T an awful, shitty wankbeast, so.


Soon enough, marsdaydream suggests that the best way to move forward, considering TJLC's ugly history, is to scrap the term altogether. She proposes JohnLock EndGame aka JLEG plugin_helper.php and the idea quickly gainsplugin_helper.php traction plugin_helper.php.

Déjà Fuck You

The first pushback from the TJLC side came from old-school wanker Ivyblossom, who tried to shame people into sticking with TJLC: ”This is like objecting to a ship name; I suppose it’s lucky the person who coined the term 'johnlock' didn’t do anything to offend anyone, or we’d need to find another term the ship.“plugin_helper.php Meme rolls its eyes at her historical revisionism, noting she has been up to her eyeballs in TJLC since the beginning, and coins a new term in response: GOTL, or Get Off That (drama) Lllama, which was immortalized in a post title.

Terrified that if TJLC slipped out of her control, she would lose her status as the bitchiest mean girl at the ball and her flock of teenage sycophants, Gracee went on the attack:

sorry, but this is really offensive to me. tjlc isn’t ugliness. it’s a beautiful, positive, hopeful thing, and we really don’t deserve to be spoken about this way. feel free to use your own terms, but i’m not willing to have something i myself named tossed aside like trash because other people viciously maligned not only the term and the group of people that it refers to, but me specifically and personally. cheers.plugin_helper.php

do you guys really not understand that we are still here, that we are the very same people being accused in references to this supposed “dark history,” and that what this “dark history” actually consisted of was the incredibly obsessive and frightening vilification of tjlc people like myself and lsit for no legitimate reason whatsoeverplugin_helper.php

the thing i would truly love to have explained to me is how people can possibly justify the fact that although for obvious reasons i have to assume that “wank pack” and all synonyms refer to me and my close friends in fandom, literally none of us have ever sent anyone a death threat, or attacked anyone for not shipping johnlock, or for liking toplock, or anything like that, we are still constantly and consistently described as doing these things in post after post after post, even though not one single post wherein any of us have ever done any of those things has ever been cited by anyone recounting these fantastic horror stories of our supposed actions at any point. plugin_helper.php

In true Gracee fashion, in between the above attacks and snippy "joke" posts,plugin_helper.php she tells everyone who doesn't agree with her that she feels oh so sorry for them, and she knows it's just because we're so jelly of her awesomeness.plugin_helper.php Meme is, understandably, Not Impressed: ”It's amazing to have so many words, and not a single one of them true.“ The post prompts several gentlefailers to discuss whether there's anything that would convince Gracee to admit she's wrong, concluding that:

With gracee? No. Nothing works. But there are always some people who see the posts and at least consider if saint gracee actually doesn't just have the worst ever luck with people always blaming her about everything, maybe it has actually *gasp* something to do with her?

The Minions Chime In

Nondeducible, one of the more visible and wanky of Gracee's minions, claims that changing the name from TJLC is ”taking an idea, a concept from its creators who are still around and renaming it because you don’t like them.“plugin_helper.php When other fans try to explain to them about the bullying from TJLC founders, they get defensive, and beg for receipts, which of course, cannot come from FFA because ”biased sites which cite anonymous wank threads are in no way a reliable source of information.“plugin_helper.php(Ed. note: Every bit of this wiki page and the ones on TLJC & 221B have been meticulously researched, and heavily cite primary sources, i.e. Gracee et al's blogs, and therefore, while definitely biased, it's pretty goddamn solid as “receipts” go. Also, it's fail_fandomanon, not fandomfailanon, thankyouverymuch. Get it right, haterz.)

More TJLCers jump on the bandwagon, attacking Mid0nz and claiming she brought this on herself,plugin_helper.phprewriting history,plugin_helper.phppainting themselvesplugin_helper.php as the real victims,plugin_helper.php and flat-out claiming that what so many people experienced simply didn't happen.plugin_helper.php (In fairness, when people pointed out to artfulkindoforder that the 221B con shitshow was in 2015, not 2016, she apologized and retracted her statement.plugin_helper.php) They even start falling back on their old stand-by, accusing their enemies of being rape apologists:

If you really want this new acronym to distinguish yourselves to definitively from “core tjlc,” then in the interests of full disclosure y’all had better add a few more letters in there–maybe JLEGRAPE, for Johnlock End Game, Really Amoral Porn Enthusiasts? Or does that hit the nail a bit too directly on the head..? Ah well, if you guys continue to discuss among yourselves I’m sure you can come up with something catchier!plugin_helper.php

A nonny points out that the above fan wrote a 20k+ fuck-or-die ficplugin_helper.php in which evil Magnussen forces John and Sherlock to have sex with each other, in response to a kinkmeme prompt clearly labelled non-con. ”Apparently, her motivations are magical and pure, so she isn't a dirty awful 'rape apologist' like anyone else who would churn out a 20,000+ fuck-or-die fic rapefic in response to an unambiguously non-con prompt.“

"Well why don't you just ignore the bullies???"

One of the more disgusting trends in this wank is the massive amounts of victim-blaming, both from the wankers and nonnies. In the first FFA thread of this round of wanking, a nonny asked, ”When gracee and her ass-kissing minions spew forth their bullshit, why don't people just… ignore them?

Gentlefailers were quick to disagree:

How do you ignore somebody calling you a rapist and a pedophile using your real name and your pictures and posting videos of you disclosing really private shit and crying that they took without your consent?

See, when someone is making blogs using people's real pictures and titled ”[real name] is a pedophile“, just ignoring them and going “lol, idk her, not my problem” encourages them to continue to harass those people.

As far as I'm concerned, the worst possible thing that can be done is ignoring the wank pack's behavior. Instead, what people should should be doing is boosting and validating victim's voices if they feel that they are in safe place to do so.

It wasn't just nonnies making these sorts of statements. IvyBlossom posted (then promptly deleted--but not before it was reblogged)plugin_helper.php a gratingly condescending post tagged "USE YOUR POWER" wondering why people don't just block the bullies and turn anon off.* 220-221b-whateverittakes was even more tone-deaf, commenting (emphasis added):

So much this. **I don’t understand why people let themselves be abused**. If I was taking this kind of shit in real life I’d start carrying a knife on me.

Meme quickly ripped that statement apart: ”I don't know if you could ever summarize their incredible, hypocritical bullshit any better than this. Oh my fucking god.“

Ourabidinglove,plugin_helper.php one of Gracee's more marginal sycophants, echoes Ivy, begging the victims to just block Gracee so she can presumably keep up her bullying without being called on it.

Gracee vs. Memee

Christ, these people are just a blight on the face of the internet. They're doing this to protect the kids from the pedos, right? This puerile 'humor' is so important.

They wouldn't know basic human decency if they filmed it crying at a con.


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