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Square Brackets Anon


To quote this helpful nonnie:

Square Brackets Anon is a semi-regular poster on meme, though he concentrates more on the personal post than the regular meme. He was named for his tendency to use [square brackets] in his writing, though he's stopped that somewhat. He still uses a lot of parenthesis to add information (that he thinks is relevant but somehow not worthy of being incorporated into his standard sentences) and so his style is still somewhat recognizable.

Most of his posts center around his personal problems. He has many relationship troubles with his boyfriend and his mother. For some reason, he seems to blame most of these troubles on his younger brother, who's 14 or so now. He thinks that his mother favors his brother and that his boyfriend is too nice to his brother. He used to physically abuse his brother– SBA is in his 20s and outweighed the brother “at least 100 lbs”– and made a thread on-meme complaining when his mother gave the brother permission to hit back.

SBA is also the sub in a BDSM relationship with his boyfriend; from what he's posted, it doesn't seem to be an especially healthy dynamic. He wears a blue nylon dog collar. He has a tendency to post something, lie about being SBA when called out, and then quickly revert once it becomes obvious that he is indeed SBA.

His earliest posts are kicking around on meme, and someone complied some links here.

These are more specific instances, once SBA started gaining a reputation:

some discussion of SBA

SBA is upset that his brother is using his computer, boyfriend is part of the drama

SBA is sad that his thirteen-year-old brother can hit him back

SBA does an AMA about being a gay trans sub puppy

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