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Rime and Punishment

Re: Drop a letter
2014-04-16 10:34 pm (UTC)

Rime and Punishment.

It is a former student,
and he walks into the station.
“By thy shabby hat and glittering eyes,
wherefore such agitation?

“Have you forgotten something?
You're back again so soon–
Surely you've better company
than me this afternoon.”

He holds him with his skinny hand.
“I was the one–” quoth he.
“You're ill! Sit down! Some water!”
Into a chair dropped he.

He waves away the offered cup,
and in a voice that cracks,
He says, “I killed the pawnbroker
and her sister with an axe.”

Ilya Petrovich listened then,
mouth open, eyes protrudent.
And thus spake on Raskolnikov,
that tortured former student:

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