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Poop Troll

Starting September 22, 2011, discussion of bodily fluids was banned because of a persistent troll. This troll would pretty much do nothing but this (click for full-sized screencap):

a subthread of comments consisting of nothing but "poop" in the subject header and body, followed by an exasperated comment from another nonny

Occasionally they varied it a little bit with words like “feces,” “pee,” or terms for human excreta in other languages.

Now your esteemed editor likes toilet humor as much as the next nonny, but, as you can see, this, uh, shit quickly becomes disruptive of other conversations and thus tiresome.

Most examples of this occurred before the days of Dememe. The handful that can still be seen on Dememe were deleted on FFA.

In October 2014, after this page was created and the link provided to some newer nonnies, a poor imitation of our original Poop Troll emerged to tell us in Irish of their love for excrement, sweet poopers, and big butts. All these threads were frozen.

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