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“She hates atheists. She hates childfree people. She hates asexuals. She hates bisexuals. She hates kinky people. She might even hate premarital sex. She just needs to come out as a conservative Christian already.”


Oh_Annalouise on LJ, now known as WayToGoJeremy, is a member of The Femdome. She initially found wank fame on stupid_free because she insisted that nobody should call the police on a Mexican man (in the U.S.) whom his neighbor heard beating his wife or GF because he might be deported.

In this thread, Gentlefailers talk about how she has shamed rape survivors with rape kinks, projected her own sexual dysfunction issues onto asexuals, and claimed that “bi people are oppressing her with their ~heterosexual gaze.”

“Bi women are oppressive and appropriative for wanting into queer spaces even though we, you know, like other women in the sexy way. This is somehow aided by bi women slashers whose enjoyment of slash is somehow just like straight women instead of (in my case) my discovery of slash was more like 'everything suddenly makes sense in the world!'”

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