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Marina, also known as Sabrina_Il, is an Israeli hockey fan who is unaware that locker rooms involve nudity and has come up on meme several times.

A few anons brought her up in a “dear flister” thread to complain about her cluelessness re: people having to work without pay (she knows all about it, y'see, because she worked without pay in her mandatory military service where she was given room and board), but the thread rapidly deteriorated into a discussion of meme etiquette and whether or not "classy" is a classist term.

She was recced by TheFourthVine for her primers, which annoyed meme because Marina is considered to know very little about hockey. In general, many hockey RPS fans know nothing about the canon first-hand, but get all of their canon direction from primers - this allows fans with only slightly more experience to get cred as BNFs while not necessarily giving out a lot of good information on characterization, and little to no information on their hockey skills. In response to a question about why Marina's group of hockey fans were only watching one interview video over and over (rather than, say, some games or other interviews), an anon said:

No because they're madly in love with their one dimensional projections and are hellbent on turning the rest of the fandom into that until they find another whitecock fandom to roll around in.

Which generally sums up the hockey anons' problems with Marina.

September 2012: Gentlefailers talk about this post of hers, which she purportedly wrote to cheer herself up. Consensus is she's full of shit.

March 2013: Marina and culture clashes. Gentlefailers read her post about being an exchange student in Japan with a group of other Israelis/Palestinians, who among other things made their hosts cry. I admire how she went to talk about how her group had been assholes and still managed to make it all about how the people hosting them were assholes.”

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