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Logan's Rogue

Logan's Rogue, a/k/a Napalm Nacey on JournalFen/Twitter and Don't Type Angry on Tumblr, is an SJW with a rather weepy-waily emotional affect. She is or was, unsurprisingly, a regular commenter at Shakesville.

Logansrogue never shuts up, usually has no idea what she's talking about, and when presented with proof of why she's wrong or when she's losing an argument, will stoop to manipulation such as posting, “You called someone else a freak in a completely different comment! The word freak triggers me! I'm near tears now because of you!”

She's also a Harmonian, which kind of figures.

On her LJ and on Feministe, LR/NN has defended the “right” of parents to let their children run amok in public and claimed that it is unfeminist to not like children.

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