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Does anyone else wish she'd disappear off the face of the earth as much as I do? She is the best example of why Social Justice Warriors are so fucking awful and ridiculous. The fact that she's in her 40s or so makes it even sillier, because you can at least understand the SJW mentality when they're barely out of their teens.”

Lamardeuse is a BNF in the Merlin and Hawaii 5-0 fandoms. She used to be one in Stargate: Atlantis fandom as well. She is all about white cock but likes to lecture her flist about SJ and PoC, but I swear during one H50 ep last season she didn't realize that 'Mandarin' is a language.”

//"Before she became aware of SJ, she was the Queen of the Cult of Nice."// She was involved in SGA wank over Kanata reviewing the fics of his own team in mcshep_match before voting ended; see discussion here and here.

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