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This editor would be the last to deny that racism is a problem in fandom. However, as with all aspects of SJ, there are any number of wankers who seize upon the topic as a shield behind which to conduct shipwars, exercise their misogyny, and bully other fans for supposedly doing fandom “wrong.”

“Klandom” is a lovely term and Tumblr tag, which is not at all minimizing of the atrocities committed by the Ku Klux Klan, that such wankers have adopted. While this editor would not say it has never been directed at actual racism, it seems mostly to be used to mean, “White fans who (1) don’t ship PoC, (2) ship them with the wrong people, and/or (3) depict them in any way except precious, pure, innocent cinnamon rolls.” (Sometimes the proghet crowd will also add, “(4) ship white women with black men and (5) ship white/PoC slash couples.”)

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