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Jenny Trout

Jenny Trout, also published as Jennifer Armintrout and Abigail Barnette, is a romance novelist and blogger that rose to prominence after she started writing recaps of Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James and wrote her own version of the trilogy, The Boss series, which is widely pimped by anti-fans of Fifty Shades.

Performative outrage was a staple of the recaps, and even after finishing the books and embarking on a project to recap something that by her own admission she actually liked (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Trout has decided she is an authority on social justice matters and in her ongoing quest to prove herself a righteous ally has become twitter friends with fangirljeanne, one of Winterfox's main supporters and allegedly Winterfox/BS herself.

She has also made blogposts shaking her finger at other rape survivors for not using Trout-approved language, shaking her finger at Jennifer Lawrence for not being fat enough to talk about body acceptance and tried to get a racist slave BDSM book pulled from Amazon while telling all her Twitter followers to boycott it because she knew it was terrible since she…

Well, okay it might have helped if she'd read the book.

Or mentioned that the writer was a) a black woman b) not publishing the book as a major release or indeed a print release at all. In fact, most of the people Trout told to boycott the book/demand Amazon to pull the book never would have even heard of the book's existence since it was just a trashy self-pubbed small fish in the huge ocean that is Amazon.

Anne Rice and STGRB/Stop The Goodreads Bullies (old foes of Trout's and huge wankers in their own right) leaped to the book's defense and actually managed to get a romance anthology that Trout was part of canceled.

Oh, wait, no they didn't.

It was actually Selena Kitt, in the billiard room, with the lead pipe! “the precious princess who “wasn't comfortable” with her name being with Trout's on the anthology and threatened to pull her story and big-name promotion unless Trout got kicked out of it. The other authors involved decided to pull their stories rather than let Trout's be pulled, so there you have it.” (source)

Wait, wait, Selena Kitt owns the publishing company, Excessica, that was going to publish the anthology in the first place. So… Excessica cancelled the anthology?

OH WAIT, neither Selena Kitt nor Excessica issued an ultimatum to cancel anything! It was… wait, who was it?

"So, Selena Kitt and Excessica are totally blameless in the failure of this anthology. The person who tanked it is someone I really enjoy as a person. To be honest, that’s probably another factor in why I’m not naming names to go with this pointed finger. But either way, everyone in the set was hurt, but not by Selena Kitt or Excessica. Unfortunately, this has put me off anthologies/boxed sets/collaborations for a while.“

Nonny reactions:

  • “Wait, she's admitting that the only reason she's not burning bridges and making a public call out name and shame in this case is that finally, when she realised who the person who fucked up is, it turns out it's someone she likes?

Like, how deep does the hypocrisy go?”

  • “The person who tanked it is someone I really enjoy as a person.

So that would be Trout herself, really.”

  • “Oh my god are you kidding me.

No “I've learned my lesson about screaming bloody murder over things I haven't actually researched”? No “I've realized dogpiling and calling people out can have unexpected consequences, which may be compounded by erroneous accusations and little evidence”? Just “well it was actually my friend and WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO”, okay then well.”

  • “Even by social justice standards, she's a hypocrite. If she were really dedicated- if she truly believed that the person who pulled the plug on the anthology had done a terrible wrong that needed rectifying- wouldn't she abide by her convictions and shame them publicly anyway, like she did with Kitt? But no, when she stands to lose something- in this case, a friendship- her vocal insistence that this person was WRONG WRONG WONG suddenly evaporates.”

One anon expressed a desire to buy Anne Rice a drink, but other nonnies felt that two wrongs don't make a right.

“I don't think the enemy of my enemy, I can't stand either one. But Trout is the one, this time, who went off after a tiny author and brought her minions out raging when Trout didn't even bother to read a book she got so much satisfaction out of trashing. She's the one who blamed Selina Kitt, who has worked hard against censorship on Amazon, by the way, and she's the one who tarnished Kitt's name, Kitt's publishing businesses name and screwed the other 11 authors - one of whom wrote a full length book! - out of sales.

And she takes zero responsibility for any of this. Every bit is because of someone else and she's got this huge cadre of people patting her on the back for doing the noble thing. It's just… augh.” (source)

In June 2015, E.L. James published Grey, a retelling of Fifty Shades of Grey from Edward Cullen Christian Grey's perspective. "So a new 50 Shades book is being published, which means Jenny Trout is over the moon since she can be relevant once again. The book is not out yet, so she can't yet complain about how problematic it is… or can she?”

A September 2015 post from Trout prompted a nonnie to lament, “At this point I would pay money for Jenny Trout to never write about writing again.”

December 20, 2015, Jenny Trout discovered her recaps had been plagiarized. She immediately threw a fit, saying “Now I'm shaking in a full-blown anxiety attack,”Can I have one goddamn thing someone doesn't take from me? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?” and I'm leaving the internet for a bit. I'm sick to my stomach and shaking.” One day later, Trout's plagiarist had deleted the plagiarized content and apologized on Twitter.

Jenny did not react well. (TW for suicidal thoughts.)

One nonnie summed up the entire plagiarism scandal: “Christ, what a drama queen.

In February 2016, nonnies question Trout's recent posts on the US Democratic Primary candidates, especially her claims that Bernie Sanders is historically better on LGBTQ issues than Hillary Clinton.

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