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Ed. note: If you've come here from an outside website, please be aware that while we strive for these pages to be an accurate and well-documented accounting of events, this is an unofficial and internal wiki for the use of the nonnies at fail_fandomanon. Links marked in red go to posts outside of FFA, and the footnotes are archived versions of these pages.

If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it must be a beautiful sparkle unicorn who's so above it all and so wise, so kind. Barf.

IvyBlossom is an old-school wanker who started in Harry Potter fandom, where she was one of Cassie Claire's infamous “inner circle,” along with Heidi8 and Aja (but not MsScribe, much to her consternation). Since then, she has moved on to BBC Sherlock, where she has continued her trend of grovelling at the feet of the loudest asshole by throwing her lot in with Graceebooks, loudest-subtext-in-television, and the rest of the The Johnlock Conspiracy wankers. Her schtick is to side with the worst of the worst while pretending to be “above the wank.”

Her first major fandom wank came in 2003, when outside issues forced her to cancel her trip to Nimbus 2003. About that time, The Very Secret Diary of Aja, an RPF-ish parody of CC's The Very Secret Diaries, was found by fandom_wank, despite being posted under friendslock. Ivy decided to take this obvious satire as a Serious and Genuine Death Threat, and claimed that it was the reason she was cancelling her trip to Nimbus. This incident did the impossible: made nonnies sympathetic to Aja. She participated in a few other major HP wanks, usually in defense of CC or fighting with Aja (or both), including allegedly IP-blocking an entire university to keep Aja off a fic archive she ran.

In between HP and Sherlock, Ivy mostly kept her head down (or kept the wank locked). Her Sherlock fic was well-received, and has been recced multiple times on meme, and she was generally viewed as a mostly even-handed though incredibly smug and condescending BNF.

And then Sherlock 221b Con Wank happened.

Her first post,plugin_helper.php before the wank really blew up, seemed to be supporting the “fan and let fan” mentality, but was promptly contradicted by her commenting in agreement on Gracee's post about continuing to harass AbundantlyQueer.plugin_helper.php At first, most nonnies were surprised and dismayed to see her throwing her lot in with the TJLCers, while others pointed out that she's always been a wanky asshole. Throughout the whole wank, she wasn't openly vicious, but she quietly supported the TJLC crowd and pretended that it was really about ~~protecting the children~~ rather than a targeted campaign of harassment. Due to this, nonnies started to speculate that Ivy was the unnamed fan who spoke to EmmaGrantplugin_helper.php and convinced her keep quiet about the Sherlock Seattle debacle (referenced in the background of the Sherlock 221b Con Wank & on Graceebooks's page), though this has never been proved. (loudest-subtext-in-television is the other main suspect.)

When Mid0nz reopened the discussion by publicly documenting her experiences with TJLC (see: TJLC vs JLEG: The Return of the Wankers), Ivy was the first to respond, and managed to come across as both patronizing and insincere.plugin_helper.php She continued to play the ignorant peacemaker,plugin_helper.php or, as one nonny eloquently put it, “a patently fake, two-faced shit goblin,” as she had posted a “Statement of Support for TJLCplugin_helper.php only one day before Mid0nz's post.

As the wank started to wind down, Ivy kept engaging with Mid0nz, tiltedsillogysm, marsdaydream, and the others calling for reason, and posted about how she keeps wank from affecting her: “tl;dr: 'I can help create drama while cheerfully banishing all the fallout from my own dash!'”plugin_helper.php

Now that almost everyone else has cleared out of the fandom completely, Ivy's left as the only/biggest fic-writing BNF, and her slimy desperation to cling to that position oozes out of everything she posts on this subject.

(something about her victim blaming bullshit here)

After the pushback from non-TJLC'ers (and likely, her being mocked on FFA), Ivy “flounced” from fandom (sort of) with a heavy dose of “her patented ~~so above it all, such a noble, kind, friend to all living creatures~~ fakery:”

Fandom is vast and complex, and even when you’re trying really hard to understand and respect everyone’s side of an argument, when you’re looking to find some common ground in the hopes of putting things collectively behind us, you can still end up fanning the flames of a fire that burns someone’s house down.plugin_helper.php

Meme gets the last word (for now):

lol Ivy, the sword of Gryffindor would never, ever appear for your cowardly, conniving two-faced ass.

The jockstrap of Slytherin, maybe.

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