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Hour Fifteen

Abraham Lincoln boxingIn a late November 2010 thread titled ”Hard-ons for Historical People,” a nonny threw in a three-part fic titled “Hour Fifteen,” all about various presidents from different eras beating each other bloody in one giant anachronistic boxing match.

Truman balled his bloody knuckles into fists, spat a wad of rusty sputum that splattered across the face of Woodrow Wilson's decapitated head. The great peacemaker had almost been the end of him. He was devilishly fast and skilled in a variety of martial arts styles. Truman's body still ached and throbbed from Wilson's Deadly Unsurpassable 14 Points Strike, a brutal barrage that sent negative chi flowing into 14 of the body's crucial pressure points. Even Wilson couldn't survive without a head (that was a talent possessed only by Grover Cleveland, The Non-Consecutive Man), and so Truman's swift decapitation chop had ended that battle, as it had ended so many others.

But not this one. Not yet.

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