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Gracee's Minions

Ed. note: If you've come here from an outside website, please be aware that while we strive for these pages to be an accurate and well-documented accounting of events, this is an unofficial and internal wiki for the use of the nonnies at fail_fandomanon. Links marked in red go to posts outside of FFA, and the footnotes are archived versions of these pages.



I got sucked into reading her tumblr again and Jesus, she's like a cult leader with all her minions. They really get off on this shit.

They're nothing but a braindead pack of disingenuous shit-stirring weasels who tried to run out their fandom enemies under a false flag of social justice and guilt-tripping.


The Usual Suspects


Pretty much everybody in Grace’s kinkshaming contingent has created, reblogged, and/or complimented fanworks that are problematic in terms of real-life consent, while simultaneously decrying anything outside bi!John topping Gay Baby Sherlock as pedophilia:

Various of these fans have started pulling and making private their questionable things. Which is hilarious because it proves that on some remote level at least they realise they're being hypocritical jackasses. I wish that remote part of their brain would move a little more to the forward.”

Ivorylungs, specifically, has claimed that she wasn’t to blame for the shota blog* she co-ran with Traumachu, because she was just 17 at the time and she was trying to make her older friends happy, and she thought shota meant “cute chibi-ish art,” and only after she quit the blog did Michi “post actual sexual shit to it.” As this nonny summarized, “Ivorylungs’ self used to do the same bad things as Michi, but it was only because Michi influenced her so much. THIS is on the contrary to Michi's treatment solely the fault of Michi, not Ivorylungs's at all, and so she shouldn't be held accountable about it, at all.”

Another nonny:

Yeah, you can be pressured into [doing what Ivorylungs did]. Though I'm not sure pressured is the right word. There are people who can't form a single thought of their own, and need to be told what to do and think, and idk, to go from running a shota blog when that was the cool friend liked to bullying that same person when she has a different cool friend…I think she's the kind of person who just needs to be in with the cool kids. Which isn't quite the same as being pressured. Sure, people want to be liked. But that's not an excuse.

Still another:

I'd say she reminds me of a reformed alcoholic becoming a bar-smashing Prohibitionist fanatic, except her other stuff is tame as shit, she was never an “alcoholic” so she's more like a college kid who got really sick on Long Island Ice Teas the first time she EVER drank and puked in a dumpster and felt like shit afterward, so that particular morning she was really prone to falling in with a shouty self-righteous crowd that calls everyone who has a glass of wine with dinner a drunkard.

It turns out that Ivorylungs had an old deviantart account from which she forgot to delete all her old pictures of young boys being fucked. Enterprising anons managed to grab some screencaps of Ivorylungs' art featuring underaged schoolboy John being fucked by Professor Sherlock Holmes (fanart for ”5 Times John was Fucked By A Teacher and the One Time It Was A Nurse Instead“ by SailorChibi; Manna/IvoryLung's comment on said fic) before Ivorylungs removed it. When this information came to light thanks to FFA, Manna/IvoryLungs complained that nonnies were ”trying to drag [her] for shit [she] made when [she] was about 17…. yikesplugin_helper.php and lamenting about nonnies' lack of lives, jobs, and pets. These jobless nonnies quickly did some elementary math and pointed out that, based on her stated age and birthday, both publicly available on her blog, Manna/IvoryLungs was actually 19 when the image was posted.

The previously mentioned Katzensprotte/Falka has opinedplugin_helper.php:

the stupid memes and jokes about this whole debacle are honestly the only thing that keep me from going fucking nuts like holy shit if i would stop making jokes about this shit i would end up crying because it is frightening how people just dismiss other survivors and just… common decency??? THERE WAS A LEGIT PEDO ON THIS PANEL SOMEONE WHO OPENLY POSTS ABOUT GETTING OFF ON ART AND FIC ABOUT CHILDREN GETTING RAPED AND SOMEONE WHO LOOKS UP THE ACCOUNTS OF SURVIVORS OF TORTURE JUST SO THEY CAN USE IT FOR THEIR FICS TO WANK TO TELL ME HOW THIS IS DESERVING OF SUPPORT IN WHAT FUCKIGN WORLD ARE WE LIVING AND THEN YOu KEEP ClAIMING YOUA RE FEMINISTS YOU ARE TERRIFYING

Nonny: “Her over-the-top dumblerina no caps + capslock + occasional poor spelling schtick is really embarrassing. She acts like she's much younger than she is, and I really find it creepy.”

This thread goes into more detail about drfurter's involvement in this wank. Drfurter also outed themself as sending abusive anon asks to AbundantlyQueer.plugin_helper.phpNonnies discuss.

Gracee sycophant therealmartinsgrrrl claims writing non-con/rape fic ”makes you someone who thinks hurting people against their will is okay. And it’s not. Not in fic, not in reality.plugin_helper.php and begs for people to listen to them. When people actually do engage them,plugin_helper.php pointing out that this is not a new discussion (see Sherlock 221b Con Wank 2: The Chafening), she suddenly loses her own ability to argue, and pretends she's being condescended to.

draikinator comments on the video* of TheGreenIrene crying, tagging it "//#she just #started crying #out of nowhere.//"

Age is just a number

FFA, as well as Unfunny Fandom and Wank Report, have noticed that Grace quite deliberately attracts a significantly younger crowd of fans to herself:

I got a really skeevy vibe off her that was confirmed after news of Leelah Alcorn's suicide. She took that time to tell any of her younger, vulnerable trans followers that they could come stay with her at her house any time. Right, this is the time to invite younger vulnerable strangers who could be victims of abuse themselves to become beholden to you. I just got a bad vibe off it since she and lalondes seem to care more about looking good than actually doing good, use their activism in a manipulative way against people upset with them (“how could I have done something wrong, I'm an activist!!!”) and I've had bad experiences with abusers who relied on manipulating younger members of marginalized groups in a way to keep them loyal to them, and to cover up their abusive behavior.

[different nonny] Also yeah, her being nasty to “old” fans drives me up the wall. She's 30. And honestly the way she acts with 15/16/17 year old kids skeeves me out, and I say this as someone who was friendly with a lots of older people when I was that age and younger. I never felt like they were training me for an army, though.

Quite a few of her younger friends’ posts about her give off creepy vibes. Queerwashing plugin_helper.php says, “i love grace because she didn’t just help me be a better person, she like fucking FORCED it on me.” An anon told Grace,plugin_helper.php “Your personality isn't mean. It's stern and firm when things are wrong, but the rest of the time you're just giggling and memeing.” Tumblr user martinfreeman plugin_helper.php has unironically compared her to Batman. Nonny: “You can't make this shit up. Do they have a grace signal?”

Some of the minions have drawn fanart of Grace from her selfies — including Grace with a halo (here's another example, another, and one more), and Grace as a full-blown saint. Meme is creeped the fuck out:

I've been in some wanky fandoms where the joke was that some BNFs might as well have a shrine and worshipers somewhere. This is the first time I've seen anyone take the joke serious.

Nondeducible has written several posts pondering “a lion king grace squad au” in which Grace is Simba, Mufasa, or both; Roane72 and her friends Scar and the hyenas, and Grace’s minions Timon and Pumbaa. Or “maybe the stampede is the lie spreading 221bcon board of directors who seemingly kills grace mufasa by banning her and casting out simba but grace comes back with her squad timon and pumbaa yes i m feeling this.” (Meme discussion. One nonny: "They're lowering the IQ of the whole veldt.")

Another nonny:

I'm wondering if there's a pattern with people like wsswatson … I've seen wsswatson on more than one occasion demand the respect of an adult in one post, and when people disagreed with her, called them out for bullying queer teen girls. The “queer teen girls” thing seems to be a warcry with some of these people and one of their biggest defenses. Everytime someone takes issue with them it turns into this massive circle of “won't anyone think of the queer teen girls!” And the adult fans among them are terrible about perpetuating that. Throwing that blanket over them every single time they do something wrong so that it's honestly no wonder people like sugirdaddy, who's grown up playing in their skirts and tugging at their apron strings, has no concept of responsibility.

This thread has more details on wsswatson's hateboner for Roane72 in particular.

In defense of Our Lady Grace

During TJLC vs JLEG: The Return of the Wankers writemeastoryofsolitude attempted to position themselves as Gracee's

* denotes posts that have since been deleted. wiki nonnie is attempting to find copies of these in reblogs and will update if possible.

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