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Frozen Extreme Pregnancy Kink AU WIP Filk

Re: WIPs-Frozen Extreme Pregancy Kink AU Filk

Date: 2014-05-07 05:42 pm (UTC)


We were talking about this in an earlier post: Frozen sperm bank au combined with extreme pregnancy expansion/rapid preg kink, and I posted a snippet in that thread….but finished the whole song so I might as well post.

Hyper-sperm glows white in the test tubes tonight

not another fertile woman to be seen

a kingdom of instant impregnation

and it looks like I'm the queen

my belly's bulging with this swirling storm inside

gotta squirt it all in, I'm gonna get so wide….

Squirt it all in, a baby or three

be the preggo you always had to be

gestate, so great, let them all know

I'm starting to show!

Let it grow, let it grow

Thirty babies, and even more

Let it grow, let it grow

til my belly won't fit through the door

I don't care what they're going to say

let me multiply

stretch marks never bothered me anyway.

Carrying Quadrahexadecatuplets and I used to be so small

only emptiness used to fill me, now I'm bigger than a yoga ball!

Time to see how much bigger I can get

seventy babies and I'm not finished yet

so much sperm and all just for me

up to eighty three…

Let it grow, let it grow

let my belly reach up to the sky

Let it grow, let it grow

my womb will never run dry

I can barely stand, see me waddle and sway

watch me swell even more

My belly's so huge I must weigh four hundred pounds

growing big and fat enormous and so very full and round

each new baby makes me heavier than the last

Immensely pregnant they are growing oh so fast

Let it grow, let it grow

It looks like I fucked King Kong

Let it grow, let it grow

this pregnant girl is gonna spawn

I can barely stand and it's only been a day

impregnate myself with more

stretchmarks never bothered me anyway.

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