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Formal Fic Rec Threads - Jan-Mar 2012

Only requests that received recs are included in the lists below.

Jan. 3, 2012

“The best angsty, sexy, explicit BBC Sherlock fics” • M/M fic; 2 characters simultaneously molested (consensual or dubcon) • Persona 4 – anything with Kanji or/and Doujima • Merlin other than Merlin/Arthur or Arthur/Gwen; Merlin/Morgana that's not hatesex • Naruto – Kakashi or Sakumo gen; Kakashi/Yamato slash • SPN gen “dealing with Dean's fucked-up mind” • Homestuck Ladyfest • Gladiator – Commodus-centric, or Titus AndronicusDragon Age – gen • Hockey RPF • SGA – John as secret math genius • “Decent Suikoden longfic or recent Suikoden fics” • cap_ironman exchange fics • plotty gen for DW, Farscape, DSN, Voyager, Enterprise, or similar canons • Buffy tVS - “Tara either doesn't die or comes back to life” • “Rex Matheson, awesome cranky Torchwood agent” • Sherlock 2009 – Holmes/Watson, Holmes/Watson/Mary, Watson/Mary, Moriarty/Moran, or gen (“no Blackwood fic, please”) • ASoIaF – Sandor Clegane • SPN – Dean/Castiel written in ~2nd half of 2011 • D/s or slavefic stories with [initial] unwilling submission

Jan. 5, 2012

Gentlemen Bastards – fix-it h/c for Locke's poisoning • Persona 4 – “Souji-centric fic that doesn't pair him up with anyone” • XMFC – Charles/Erik, canon movieverse • character has PTSD because of something they did/were guilty of • “The new movie canon, Holmes/Watson/Mary” • then-recent BBC!Sherlock eps – anything with good characterization, pref. “fic that did something interesting with Molly and/or Lestrade” • fic dealing with accounting, finances, etc. • “fixit fic for Game of Shadows that makes the Irene situation all better” • Crime fics – “'Vanilla' police forces meets the weirdness of [canon]; either crossover or with OCs”

Jan. 8, 2012

SPN – Anna and/or Ruby, “especially with plot” • Ace Attorney femslash, not from kinkmeme • completed Suits fics • fics in which Arthur finds out about Merlin magic; not Arthur/Merlin • Star Trek Reboot – Winona as a good mother • HP – Lupin III fic • Any fandom crossed over/fused with His Dark Materials to give the characters daemons • ASoIaF – any characters but pref. gen or “explorations of canon connections/relationships to random shippiness” • “Teenagers + m/m + ANGST (or h/c)” • 2 characters have sex while a 3rd gives directions or orders

Jan. 9, 2012

Homestuck – John/Vriska, Jade/Karkat, good Jade fic (any pairings) • M/f BDSM, any fandom • Vorkosigan!verse, set either on or about Beta Colony • MLP FiM crossovers, particularly w/DW, HP, or PokemonHP crossovers that are actually good and not WIPs • Marvel femslash, esp. Black Widow–centric • Avengers – Steve/Thor • Homestuck – good AU game sessions, pref. with original alien species or humans • Unrequited love – “can eventually be requited, but I don't mind ambiguous or unhappy endings!” • The Social Network – “Mark/Eduardo stuff that sticks close to movie canon” • “Non-typical crossovers? Just, anything where someone brought two different canons together in an interesting way. Gen, ship, crack, whatevs” • Homestuck – Terezi/Vriska, Kanaya/Vriska • Avengers – Clint/Tony, Thor/Tony, Pepper/Natasha

Jan. 11, 2012

Tiger & Bunny “for newbs” • Inception – Long, plotty, “weird shenanigans with dream tech and/or canon-based AUs that don't prioritize romantic relationships” • “Hot m/m threesomes or moresomes where everyone is paying attention to the person in the middle”

Jan. 13, 2012

Homestuck – “Kanaya/Rose fic that isn't really depressing” • Leverage – “especially plotty gen and/or about Hardison's adventures in fandom” • HP – “anything in which Prof. McGonagall plays a major part (and is characterised well)” • good bodyswapping fic • “fic about Marvel!Loki that isn't Loki/Thor and that deals with gender stuff” • “well-written Pern fic that isn't on AO3” • any Minekura Kazuya manga, anything • Femslash noncon/dubcon • good OT3 fic • nu!Trek fic

Jan. 16, 2012

Dysfunctional sibling incest, “ideally m/m, any fandom but SPN” • Firefly – Simon • Dresden Files – gen • Firefly AUs • Firefly post-canon fic, pref. longish and plotty • Avengers – “Steve/Bucky not written by Musesfool or PFG” • Big Bang Theory – Amy/Penny • Political AUs • F/F pregnancy • “Most heartcrushing deathfic, apocafic, break-it fic you've ever read, pref. in Western TV fandoms” • “Well-written rape recovery h/c fic,” not Stargate or SPN • Alive!Aradia • Femslash AUs – high school, boarding school, college, etc. “Slow-building romance, preferably where I don't need to know the canon. Longfic would be awesome” • Newspaper AUs • Homestuck – tentacle fic • “A's a sub and intentionally annoys, nags, or manipulates B so B will be rougher during sex. It's OK if B is too dumb to realize this, at least until after sex.” • Leverage – Eliot/Parker/Hardison • Good Star Trek (TOS or nu!Trek) gen or K/S from • Manga-based Kuroshitsuji fic – “any pairing, any character except Elizabeth in focus”

Jan. 21, 2012

Fic with condoms • Grimm – not Nick/Monroe • Old-school anime recs • BSG – “esp. Helo/Athena, Kara/Leoben Gaius/Six (any Six!), Starbuck, Kendra Shaw, Cain, Six (again, any of them!), D'Anna, Athena, Lee, Gaeta, random minor characters” • Sherlock BBC – Reichenbach fixit • Sherlock genfic • Homestuck – Dave-centric • Due South – Fraser/Kowalski • Sherlock/Watson bloodswapping • Revolutionary Girl Utena – Mikage • Avengers movie!verse – fun team-focused fic • Inter-Star Trek crossovers • F/f D/s • From Eroica With Love, esp. h/c • Saiyuki – “Regular or Gaiden. I like gen and most pairings, but please nothing that breaks up 585 or 10K” • Madoka Magica fic with Kyouko in it • Kept boy/sugar daddy fic

Jan. 23, 2012 (misthreaded)

Star Wars – “familial interaction/ties introspection between Darth Vader and Luke and/or Leia” • “Fic in any fandom based on the idea that victors write history”

Jan. 26, 2012

Horror fic for a fandom not really considered horror • “Anything Claymore, please!” • HP – Luna/Neville, pref. HBP or later • Red Dwarf • “Western-fandom shippy hetfic where the lady runs the show or at least holds her own” • Lost – Kate/anyone other than Jack or Sawyer • favorite stories from Homestuck kinkmeme • a couple having fun roleplaying in the bedroom • Poetry forms, pref. without rhyme, “and fannish, not thinly disguised original work that could apply almost anywhere” • Metafic, pref. based on LJ • Forced pregnancy, “especially in a context of widespread deliberate breeding” • Slash pairing kidnapped; one raped, other forced to watch and possibly unwillingly aroused; followed by h/c, “maybe with bonus healing cock” • Virginity/sexual inexperience slash • Mycroft gen • BBC Sherlock – Mycroft/Sherlock, Mycroft/Sherlock/John • Good guy/bad guy or good guy/enemy sex where good guy ends up in control • Video game femslash • Vampire slash pairings - “Fluffy romance is fine, but definite bonus points for well written BDSM scenarios, blood play, fisting, and destructo nookie” • SPN – “Delicious, angsty Dean/Cas; I don't care who does what and it can be any rating” • Black Butler – not Sebastian/Ciel focused; “I'm particularly fond of minor characters like Grell, Lau, Madame Red, etc., but I'm not really looking for any specific pairings” • HP – Sirius/Remus fic not set in Marauders era • Non-depressing epics • Losers movie fic, pref. gen, “though I don't mind Jensen/Cougar bent, basically team-fic”

Jan. 30, 2012

Plotty gen in any Trek fandom, pref. Reboot, Enterprise, or DS9 • “Third Party Makes Them Fuck” • Downton Abbey, pref. longer • DS9 stories set in/touching on 1950s AU from S6 • GoT/ASoIaF – anything except Dany-centric or San/San • well-written Sherlock fic • Oniisama e fixfic • F/F from anything set earlier than mid-20th century • Firefly – River/Simon • Big brother/little sister “pre-incest” sexual tension • Long anime femslash/yuri fic that's “reasonably readable” • Due South – Fraser/Kowalski post-CoTW • Parent/child relationships, especially “troubled but still loving” ones • Rentboy AUs • Homestuck – F/F kismesis • Community – Jeff/Annie, “pref. involving lots of feelings and not a lot of porn” • Bathing and/or hair-washing fics • Sentinel • h/c, esp. “fever fics with male character getting hurt & another male being the comforter,” gen or light slash • S/M fics involving 2 tops + 1 sub • Slash that moves from NSA to romance • Innovative time travel • LotR – Frodo/Sam • Telepathically or empathically enhanced sex • SPN!Death • Slavery AUs not about slave and master falling in love • “Really hot Aubrey/Maturin smut. Rum, sodomy and the lash” • HP – “Old-school post-OotP fixit fic that somehow brings Sirius back from beyond the Veil” • Tolkien – Maedhros/Fingon • X-Men – Gambit-centric • Previously mentioned class-swapped Downton Abbey AU • "Mix of h/c, fluff, and sexytimes" (posted to wrong thread) • "recs for good fic featuring //SPN//'s Death" (OP told they should have posted it to the main thread)

Feb. 4, 2012

Cold CaseHomestuck – “fleshing out the trolls' Sgrub session” • long AO3 fics suitable for e-reader; DW, Sherlock, HP, “any NBC sitcom” • “Romance with UST & pining that is eventually resolved; well paced, drawn-out angst and pining from one side or both, pref. ending in the couple getting together by the end” • Hyakujitsu no Bara besides what's on AO3 • epic polyamorous stories • longfic, pref. slash, suitable for e-reader; Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, HP, Sherlock Holmes (any version), Final Fantasy X or VII, Kingdom Hearts • 2 main characters as slaves being used by their masters, or as rentboys, who fall for each other • virginity kink M/M • Teen Titans – Raven/Terra • Parks & RecFire Emblem – femslash of any length (“pref. 9/10, but I'll read 7 or 8 too”) or Ace Attorney • F/f longfic recs in any J-game, anime, or cartoon fandom • Generation KillSherlock BBC – Mycroft/Lestrade fic not on AO3, incl. podfic • Homestuck – the Dolorosa • Amnesia as “device to drive some well-written, angsty drama” • White Collar – Peter/Elizabeth • New GirlOne Piece, esp. fics that don't get much recognition • Sanctuary – Kate/Will • Sex in which one character is fully clothed, the other naked • “Is anybody still writing BtVS/AtS fic worth reading?” • Watersports – “pref. not paired with humiliation” • Sherlock BBC – John!whumping • Parks & Rec rarepairs • Losers – specif. Jensen/Pooch/Jolene or Jensen/Cougar/Pooch/Jolene • Straight character falls in love with bi/gay best friend; relationship discussed; bonus points if best friend is dubious; happy ending not necessary • Chronicles of Narnia • Jonas Brothers crossover fic without incest • HP - Hermione/Harry/Ron polyamory • Batman whump or h/c, “pref. Superman doing the comforting” • Classics fic – “History, mythology, whatever” • Firefly – pref. canon-compliant; favorite pairings are River/Jayne, River/Simon, Zoe/Wash, & Mal/Inara • Neuromancer AUs or similar • Saiyuki school AUs, pref. Hakkai/Gojyo • “Canon pairings: How they got together (AU or not)” • Holmes/Watson, “Movie-verse or book!verse? Possibly pre-marriage?” • Loki/Thor fics with Loki as aggressor

Feb. 7, 2012

F/f pregnancy • “Gen fuck-or-die” • Nolanverse Batman • any New Girl fic discussing poly/threesomes/open relationships/moresomes, “pref., er, not involving the landlord”; all other characters OK • Discworld – anything • Thor punitively raping Loki and “not getting what the big deal is” (and/or aftermath of same) • fanfic set in Regency era: Jane Austen, Regency AU of another fandom, other fandoms actually set in this period, etc.; gen or het preferred • ASoIaF – Arya-centric fic, pref. gen or Arya/Gendry “but I'll take anything as long as it's well-written” • Death Note – any genre/pairing • “Can nonnies tell me their favorite Loki pairings and give some fic recs?” • Daemon AUs, any fandom/pairing • Loki/Steve, either friendshipping or slash • Saiyuki Gaiden without Goujun shipping • good non-Nolanverse Scarecrow-focused fics (“Somehow also including the Mad Hatter is a bonus but not a requirement”) • Inception – any post-canon fic centered on Robert Fischer, any pairing, no noncon • Inception – Fischer Jr. noncon fic • Good recent Castle/Beckett fic set during the then-current season; “something a bit more substantial than PWP or pure fluff would be nice!” • “Shamelessly porny Homestuck smut — red, black, pale, any characters, any setting, anything!” • Inception - Saito ship or gen (“Saito/Cobb very welcome”) • Good, kinky Hetalia yuri or kinky het; Nyotalia or regular canon OK • Inception – long femslash (canonically female or OFCs or MTF, not genderswap); or any length, not on AO3, by little-known writers or anons • Horror/ghost stories, any fandom, with supernatural elements, NO serial killers, vampires, werevolves or zombies; “Demons, incubi, hauntings, poltergeists, evil spirits welcome!” • Spanking - any fandom • Kakashi/Gai with actual plot • Twilight fic that improves on source material • Romantic and/or erotic ghost stories • h/c with action & plot, pref. no rape; bonus for “we're imprisoned together while one or both of us is wounded/sick and must try to survive while we plot our escape”; any fandom besides Homestuck or SGAHP – lengthy, plotty Draco/Hermione • “Girl rescues boy,” especially with torture, dungeons, “lashings of h/c and extreme badassery on the woman's part” • “Really hot filthy BDSM porn,” dubcon a plus • From Eroica with Love - angst/darkfic

Feb. 13, 2012

Works of Haruki Murakami – anything • Cold Case – any • His Dark Materials – not crossover, “or at least with the HDM 'verse characters? Or at least set in the HDM 'verse itself, not just the daemons?” • Gen fuck-or-die • Discworld – Angua/anyone; gen, het, or femslash ship • good figging/caning recs, esp. figging; any characters/fandom; can be consensual or noncon • non-AU Merlin RPF • Hypnosis kink • good Starscream/anyone fic • Longfic >50K but pref. >100K words • Character's clothes being torn or sliced off their bodies before sex; consensual or mildly dubcon preferred; het, slash, femslash all OK • Ancient Rome AUs • Downton Abbey AU – upstairs/downstairs reversed • well-written Pet Shop of Horrors fic; gen or shippy D/Leon, Tokyo; not on AO3 • fic/canon involving romantic/sexual relationship with non-human humanoid (elf, youkai, alien, vampire, etc.) written as convincingly non-human in POV, behavior, sensory abilities, etc.; requester seeks culture clash and communication/bonding despite very fundamental differences, + a little bit of xenokink around claws, fangs, scales, etc. • James Bond – Judy Dench version of M, anything • HP – anything Narcissa Malfoy-centric • good Teen Wolf fic; no knotting if possible • Sanzo/Goku h/c, whump, sickfic, etc.; who's hurting & who's comforting not important, “but I crave at least one of these characters being vulnerable”; either gen or ship; nothing by Xparrot • Belly rubbing, “innocent, porny, kinky, h/c, pregnancy fic (female or male), whatever. Doesn't even have to be a major part”; any fandom; no serious angst; pref. fluff • Dresden Files – Harry/Marcone; no dwelling on Harry's childhood traumas; no sexual abuse on Justin's part • Mansfield Park – Fanny ends up with Henry Crawford • The Godfather – any pairing, or gen • White Collar – h/c with Peter hurt; Peter/Elizabeth, Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal • A:TLA – Zuko/anyone but Jet; pref. Zuko/Sokka; also Azula femslash • Elfquest – no noncon • Natsume Yuujinchou gen; “plotty adventures with youkai or just warm-fuzzy friendship stuff” • Soubi/Ritsuka, “loveless,” no shota; requester OK with “underage darkfic exploring Soubi's past” or Soubi/Ritsuka with Ritsuka aged up a bit and “very clearly shown to be the one driving the relationship” • Tolkien – Legolas/Gimli

Feb. 17, 2012

Asexual characters, romantic or not; not issuefic but not offensive • DCAU/Batman-related fics in general • Genderswap, any fandom • good ASoIaF for new readers; esp. Sansa Stark & Jon Snow • fic for James Herriot's books • Guilty Gear – Sol/Ky • Hellsing – Integra/Alucard or Seras/Pip • F/F with well-written oral • fic told in a fairy tale/folktale style; any fandom • Asexual Sherlock (BBC) who's romantically in love with Watson and “has sex with him from time to time because Watson needs it. Or something like that” • good M/M/M double penetration fic • OzyCom noncon, or h/c with rape as whump • good fic written in 1st person, preferably for anime/manga fandoms (other than Bleach or Naruto) • Dragon Age: Origins – ladies, “main or side, gen, het or femslash” • OUAT – Emma/Regina or Emma/Gold • Infidelity, any fandom but esp. BBC SherlockOne Piece – Luffy focus, pref. gen but OK with pairing with Zoro, Usopp, or Robin (“or a minor character that makes a bit of sense, NOT Hebihime-sama”) that keeps everyone IC; plot-heavy or comedy pref. • One Piece – Luffy/Zoro with Luffy on top or as switch pairing • any fandom/pairing (m/f, f/f, m/m/) with “lots and lots of drawn out sexual tension and/or foreplay? Wanting each other but in an inappropriate situation where they can't do anything about it immediately? Wanting each other but not realizing it's reciprocated? Extra bonus points for being unwillingly aroused!” • SPN – Sam/Dean/OFC (or any female character that isn't Jess or Jo); no pegging; no topping by FC • Puella Magi Madoka Magica, esp. shorter (<10K words) • MLP:FiM - gen or non-explicit femslash • Inception – Ariadne, pref. plotty gen, “though I don't mind ships, except for Cobb/Ariadne, and wouldn't say no to a shippy fic with a plot” • A:TLA – Xin Fu/Master Yu • Epistolary/text/email fics, pref. BBC Sherlock

Feb. 22, 2012

“Hot porny fic” with female sub, either F/f or M/f, any kink; originalfic OK “but specific recs rather than site suggestions” • Long plotty case!fics – gen preferred but pairings OK as long as case is the main focus; no woobies • “Good procedurals where the case is actually important to the fic and not just a background mention to two leads getting together”; contemporary or AU/fusion setting; “A BSG casefic would be awesome. A H:Lots casefic set in a BSG-universe would also be awesome. Anything combining casefic with scifi/cyberpunk/noir tropes and possibly discussion of racial/gender/etc. politics.” • Porn where the characters are unrelated but use sibling incest roleplay as a kink • “On the run together,” pref. a pairing; any fandom • Puppyplay with sex “that's not littlemousling's creepy bandom threesome fic” • good fic with Hannibal Lecter in it • good fic for Downton Abbey; pref. focus on all the characters, not just 1 or 2 • good Star Control 2 fic • Star Trek – pref. Spock/McCoy or Spock/Kirk (or all three) that includes “creative Spock penis” • Warcraft fic with canon characters, not OCs • Character A is sick (stomach issues pref.) or mildly injured, and Character B snuggles them and does happymaking things for them; fluffy, cuddly fic • m/m college or university AU with lots of build-up and sexual tension before the final payoff; any fandom • good Baccano! fic • One character reading a story to another, or characters reading to one another, in bed • “Really fucking funny femslash” • “Smoking hot femslash porn, with no noncon” • “Sweet hot vanilla het” • Inglourious Basterds – Aldo-centric; “really any that doesn't rely too heavily on fanon in-jokes” • “Porny femslash that doesn't shy away from naming body parts”; plotty or PWP; kink is more than fine, pref. consensual; anime/manga and video games pref. • “Arthur-finds-out-and-there's-angst fic” • Alpha/beta dynamics, any fandom; “the beta is that guy who's stronger than anyone except the alpha, and the alpha has to work at it to earn that submission” • LOTR Hobbit fic, gen (or pairings on the side); “bonus points if they're in the Shire, extra bonus points if focus is on Frodo. Or Legolas and Gimli friendship fic.” • “Creative alien genitals”; any fandom; het, slash, or femslash • Prison femslash • Tony Stark h/c, or Tony getting a hug • Ghost Trick – any, including meta • Plotty Homestuck fic, anything about any of the girls, femslash great, pref. no AUs • Mythology fic

Feb. 27, 2012

SGA – John whump, “gen, het, slash, any ratings or warnings” • seeking Noir WIP by Kirika titled “Red and Black” • Homestuck – slash or femslash where characters very gradually fall for each other; longfic great, happy ending pref., any pairing (“except maybe not Dave/John or John/Karkat”) • Threesomes/moresomes involving selfcest and another person • Northstar h/c • SPN – Castiel/Ellen • Florence Welch(/Isa Summers) • fanfic based on Jane Austen's works • Les Miz – Javert • Femslash longfic in any anime/manga, cartoon, or J-game fandom, esp. Elincia/Lucia • One Piece, esp. Sanji/Zoro/Usopp • good SPN fic, pref. with hurt!Dean, but any pairing or gen, any length, OK • HP – long plotty Harry/Draco • Historical AU femslash, esp. Regency or based on “romantic friendship” concept; “both loving and kinky would be great” • Hunger Games, esp. “fleshing out the characters and what-if AUs” • good Zuko/Aang, pref. “on the short side and not too porny, but porn is fine too” • Black Lagoon – “the ladies as bloody thirsty and badass as in the canon” • Rivalsex-y femslash, preferably smutty • good Dragonriders of Pern fic focused on canon characters; worldbuilding detail a plus • Insecurity, low self-esteem, emotional trauma recovery • Bruce Banner fic • Sherlock BBC – gen or bob, Sherlock/Watson; no woobification; “casefile would be awesome” • F/M/M, pref. DP; “double vaginal is also a preference but not a requirement”; any fandom • Revenge/tables turned, dubcon or noncon, any fandom; first abuse need not be sexual • Humiliation porn; m/m and dub/noncon pref; “stronger than just dirty talk”; nonny also likes prostate milking, enemas, desperation, orgasm control • Gladiator!AUs, any fandom; also STXI pairings with Gaila • Sengoku Basara – Date and Kojuro being bros • good amnesia fic; pref. HP or Sherlock • Gen h/c; whumpee not woobified; “minimal smarm”; any fandom but smaller pref.; for larger fandoms, pref. SPN (Dean), SGA (Daniel or McKay), NCIS (Tony), Psych (Shawn), One Piece (Sanji), Sherlock (John) • “Annoyingly long FMA requests list” (see comment) • Hetalia pairing longfic, not US/UK; pref. no PruCan; any others OK as long as there's no rape by Nazi!nations • Twilight – Jacob/Edward with no bashing of Rosalie, Bella, or Alice; OK with AU in which Bella doesn't exist; “bonus points if Leah, Rosalie, and/or Alice are doing something cool and fun” • Amnesia in established relationship; victim forgets partner “and then it's angst city from then on out”; any fandom, but any Sherlock Holmes canon would be “awesome” • Saiyuki; Sanzo gen, or Yaone-centric; also seeking recs for “favorite oblique 585 fic or reincarnation fic or wistful transient Gaiden fic” • Sexy vampire fic, canon or AU; het or slash or femslash; “lots of eroticized biting and barely-restrained bloodlust”; angst about being a monster is bonus • seeking Frank/Grant bandom fic where they work in a sex shop • Pining, misunderstandings, eventual happy ending; pref. longfic • Het hatesex and/or rivalryship • SGA – Ronon, pref. w/Sheppard but Teyla OK too; the longer the better

Mar. 3, 2012

Herbert West: Reanimator – short story fic or slash for either short story or movie • Hockey RPF, any pairing, AU or not, long or long-ish; Due South – long Fraser/Kowalski for a reread; Brad/Ray or Brad/Nate written in ~previous year • Black Lagoon – any; Rock/Revy or any female chars, but any pairing/rating OK • Longfic, video game/cartoon/anime fandoms • Crossover AUs of Canon A chars in Canon B setting or vice versa; “story spends a lot of time going into how very different Canon B would be with Cast A in those roles”; any fandom • One Piece – Brook focus, any; or Zoro's time with Johnny and Yosaku; fanart welcome too • A:TLA – any good Zuko and/or Azula gen; or Zuko/Katara post-finale (more recs downthread, incl. Tyzula) • Avengers – Loki-centric fic, any pairings • Sherlock (BBC) – gen/bob casefile, Sherlock/Watson, or asexual!Sherlock • any pairing, any fandom, but from 3rd-party POV • Desperation/accidental wetting fics that involve embarrassment but not humiliation • “Spanking fic where it really does hurt the top more than the bottom” • Daddykink • Merlin – Morgana-centric, esp. “anything dealing with her turn to the dark side or possible later redemption” (more recs downthread) • Top Gear – anyone –>Jeremy Clarkson, noncon or very dubious dubcon (very wanky thread, only one rec) • Torchwood – Jack/Ianto, not by Dsudis or Seperis, happy endings pref. but not necessary • Cabin Pressure – well-written; no angst, abuse, eating disorders, or noncon • Mpreg; no a/b/o or lactation; any genre or ending OK • Fingering and/or enemas • The Good Wife – femslash, esp. “dark-ish or with elements of mindfuck” • Queer as Folk – Brian/Justin, pref. angst, though “h/c and general drama will suffice” • LotR next-gen fic about Aragorn's/Faramir's children; “plottiness would be great,” slash/gen/het OK • Non-bandom band fic recs (e.g., McCartney/Lennon) or band AUs of non-band canons • Scrubs – JD/Cox • Figging, pref. w/dubcon or noncon and humiliation • Sherlock BBC/Richie Sherlock crossovers • Good Heroes – Nathan/Peter; canon-compliant or -divergent, or complete AU; longfic esp. welcome • One Piece h/c • Star Trek Reboot – Uhura-centric (gen, or paired with Spock or Gaila) • Person/machine or person/robot porn, anything, though pref. anime and video game fandoms • Hunger Games – Effie, Cinna, or Capitol-centric; also Western visual fandom retold fairytale-style, pref. canon compliant instead of all-out AU • AUs with Western fandom characters in non-Western settings • Noncon infantilism, esp. well-written • A:TLA – Katara-centric; no incest or Zutara • The Sarah Connor ChroniclesYu-Gi-Oh! puppyshipping • Hetalia – not AU, no US or UK; “darker and edgier” but not AHEW • House – het • Star Trek – Kirk/McCoy; canon, not porn-focused, maybe Academy years • Sherlock Holmes, any canon, focus on drug addiction • Infidelity; characters get back together/stay together • HP – Harry/Luna, not PWP; no bashing • good Eyeshield 21 fic • Crossovers with kindred spirits recognizing each other, any fandom • Twilight – Bella realizes Edward's abusive and leaves him • Hunger Games, well-written

Mar. 8, 2012

Femslash longfic in any J-game/anime/cartoon fandom • Queer as Folk – Brian/Justin, pref. angst, though “h/c and general drama will suffice” • Kirk/Spock or Sherlock/Watson – pining; also lengthy plotty fics with some mystery and romance • HP – Snape and McGonagall, gen or shippy, so long as “they have lots of respect for each other”; also coffeeshop AUs, reasonably well-written, pref. long, pref. HPOne Piece – esp. prev. mentioned multi-shipping fic; “other orgy/poly nakamastuff also welcome” • Hero stripped, tied up, and humiliated • Myka/H.G, “high on adventure and ass-kicking, maybe humor; low on angst and porn” • Sandman – the Corinthian (also see here) • From Eroica With Love re statutory rape in Dorian's backstory, plus other people's angst about it • “Hard kink” • HP nextgen – “James Sirius Potter is not an obnoxious bullying arsehole and does clearly love his siblings, even if they sometimes fight like, well, siblings” • Half of a pair thinks they're just friends, while the other sincerely but mistakenly believes they're in a romantic relationship • good long m/m high school or college AU, any fandom, “with lots of sexual tension” • Weight gain/chubby/fat kink, M/M pref., any fandom, original OK; no immobility • Hockey RPF not on AO3 • Apocalypse fic, no noncon, “anything else goes” • Historical RPF featuring Disraeli • Quantum Leap – pref. gen with plot • Longfic on the fluffy side • Omorashi (urinary desperation fetish), pref. “male character who can't control his bladder and feels a mix of shame and relief” • Sherlock BBC – Watson/Sherlock, bob, asexual!Sherlock & Watson as BFFs or in relationship • SMT games (pref. Persona 3 or 4), longfic, finished or unfinished but not abandoned, pref. Souji/Yosuke & anything with Minato or Naoto, any rating • h/c slash longfic, requester not into sf/f • Justified – slash, Raylan bottoms • Femslash; anything but pref. McGonnagal/anyone (esp. with age difference but pref. not underage); also Ami/Makato • A:TLA – good Sokka/Zuko, whatever length but pref. longish • Spiderman slash, or gen in which he's gay or bi • X-Men movieverse – angsty Charles/Erik recs with lots of pining • Peter Pan movieverse – Peter/Wendy • Brokeback Mountain, movie or short story • Graphic fistfights, any fandom/pairing • Avengers – Loki smut, pref. kinky and top!Loki, but anything “as long as he's not a quivering pile of woobieness” • Fisting • Magical realism, any canon with non-fantasy setting, in-verse or AU OK • Tolkien – Legolas/Gimli, Legolas POV • Then-recently written history-oriented Hetalia fic; anything well-written & historical, but pref. Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Asian countries, “srs!France, srs!Russia, heck, srs!anyone”; requester OTPs Sweden/Finland; OCs, especially fem!India and historical nations; genderbends • Sanzo-centered gen • Reservoir Dogs

Mar. 13, 2012

SGA – male Shepard/Garrus, longish • Hockey RPF – comment fics, not!fics, or hidden gems on AO3/LJ; pref. Kaner/Tazer, Skinner/EStaal, Duncs/Seabs, the Brioux “but I'll take nearly anything” except hatesex • BBC Sherlock – John is the sociopath; “Dexter fusions and crossovers welcome” • Age differentials, no underage; esp. with snarky banter • Leverage and/or Warehouse 13 • good Criminal Minds het, femslash, or gen that's not straight-up PWP • slash with trans men characters, not in Glee or HomestuckCode Geass – Lelouch/Suzaku post-R2 fixit fics, Lelouch still alive, “happy ending with everyone IC” • “best of the best,” or at least “longer and plotty,” BDSM longfics in your fandom; slash, femslash, het OK; no slavefic; “suitability for S&Ring for the non-fannish need not be considered” • “People having really fun sex. With laughing and joking, maybe tickling, possibly toys” • “Long, chaptered femmeslash fic that's funny, happy and upbeat, any fandom. The more wacky hijinks the better!” • good, regularly updating WIPs, any fandom • most interesting or well-done remixes, any fandom, incl. anti-recs along the lines of “don't do this” • noncon cuddling, nonsexual • Apocalypse/dystopia fic for anime/manga fandoms; pref. >5K; gen/het/slash/femslash all OK • Sherlock/John with “understated affection” • Threesome fics focused on building/maintainance of the relationship; pref. M/F/M “but I'm not picky” • One Piece – brutal fighting, injuries, blood, not “your typical emo death/darkfic”; Strawhats/other chars welcome; Marine POV great, esp. if not focused on named characters like Smoker or Tashigi • Enemas, esp. in D/s context; any fandom but no RPF • Phantom of the Opera – esp. Erik/Christine • BBC Sherlock – John character study (his time as a soldier, his past in general, etc.); pairing or gen is fine • Crossdressing/men in women's underwear, “especially if not especially convincing, with the crossdressing character on top” • good Mycroft-focused fic • BBC Sherlock – good fic focused on Lestrade and/or Mrs Hudson; any ships OK • Arthur Conan Doyle Holmes/Watson • Kamikaze Girls – nonshippy • slash in which “characters are completely incapable of talking about their emotions,” pref. with scene “in which their true love is revealed through some sort of nonsexual physical action”; “explosions enjoyed but not necessary” • White Collar – kink; sub!Neal; Peter/Neal or Peter/Neal/Elizabeth pref. • long femslash or “awesome-woman-centric het or gen”; genderswap AUs OK • Mermaids, any fandom; not J2 Mermaid Big Bang • Gen with any sort of good genre plot, though pref. Star Trek (any), X-Files, or Farscape; a bit of shipping OK so long as plot remains main focus and ship either contributes to it or can be ignored • Lion King – “Simba/Scar where Simba shows Scar just who's king of the jungle” • Long plotty bandom recs; not Ryan/Speancer or Ryan/Brendon • Pride and Prejudice, Darcy POV

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