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Eumelia wrote a September 2012 post demanding that even though “I, for one, am not really a spoilerphobe,” fandom should really do as she says and warn for every little thing. “The fact that I'm even making this post is staggering.” Indeed.

Gentlefailer discussion of this in the context of spoiler wank. “…I'm not really surprised, because when I used to follow her, her entire schtick was lecturing people on how they should behave/live, while not actually being a very functional person herself (and yes, she didn't in fact deal well with inconveniences) … LOL OMG. She hasn't really changed at all.”

Her post “On Being Queer in Fandom” (Dreamwidth, Livejournal) was discussed on meme. SJW stalwarts and woman-slasher haters Neo_Prodigy and Sparkindarkness contributed their thoughts in the original posts.

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