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Delux Vivens

The late Delux_Vivens was an African-American fan who posted some intelligent things about racism but who also posted some offensive things. Many of her controversial posts were locked down after they were discussed on f_fa.

Gentlefailers discussed her post about a woman who is half-Arab and who was racially profiled, which was unsympathetic to the woman in question and scornful of white people writing about her. “Is it just me, or does delux_vivens do this every single time white people on LJ post about an issue of racial injustice, and also get mad every time they don't?”

According to these three nonnies in the above thread, Delux_Vivens, who was not Muslim, talked about Islam all the time as though she were Muslim, but “gets super offen[ded] and angry if someone mistakes [her] for a Muslim.” She frequently put on hijab and attended Islamic functions, an activity she called “Operation: Local Muslim,” and she frequently mentioned how she was mistaken for an “~undercover Muslim” at an airport because she was wearing a hat and skirt. She sometimes “kafirsplained” to non-black Muslims that anti-Arab racism gets discussed too often and anti-black racism not enough, and she considered this to be a “community service.”

According to this nonny, D_V was “a big fan of Gaddafi and his women bodyguards and his fashion sense.” Another nonny mentioned that D_V permitted a friend to post an alternative-universe fic in her comments in which Gaddafi is a fashion designer.

Yet another nonny linked to a couple of D_V posts in which D_V “has somehow linked the kid with the gas mark from that Doctor Who episode who goes around saying 'Are you my mummy?' with women who pretend to be Native Americans to make money off it,” and in which she scorned the concerns of Bahraini activists who “were being shot with live rounds, gassed, fired from their jobs, tortured and murdered by the hundreds” while Western governments did nothing to help them, because “they don't even know anything about black Americans except the most famous bits of the civil rights movement.”

How fucking dare she. I'm so sorry the Bahraini people lived in sub-human socioeconomic conditions with virtually no political and civil rights while Obama handed over free Excess Defence Articles such as 60 M60A3 tanks and an FFG-7 Frigate to a murderous regime in exchange for access to oil in Saudi Arabia. How dare they expect anyone to empathise with that.

“And that last snarky little comment. The whole international arena was aware Obama was black. The only ones who had any reason to explain it away were the people personally invested in his election who had to rationalize their choice of vote, ie Americans.”

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