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Early on in meme history, there was a troll who repeatedly asked, disingenuously, why anybody had to insult anybody else at all. This arose in the context of SJ-related debate over using -ist insults and of one fan who was considered by some to be militantly nicey-nicey.

Here is one example: I honestly don't get people arguing for the right to call people retards and cunts as if the problem is the words they're using and not that fact that they're insulting people in the first place. It's like complaining about what type of knife I'm stabbing you with.

In the previous post, that troll or a similar one asked, “Do you actually really need to insult people, though?” One of the replies was, “You're just trolling for insults, aren't you, cuntyplums?”

The insult inspired a bit of creativity on the part of another nonny.

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