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Bored and Lonely on the Internet

Bored and lonely

Date: 2015-01-24 07:41 pm (UTC)

Bored and lonely on the internet

I don't know where to go for fandom anymore

It's all Modern AUs and OOC kinks

And they're the wrong versions of the characters

Or I'm too late to the fandom

And nobody cares to talk anymore

LJ is dead and Tumblr makes me blue

People talk about fandom nemesis

And that creeps me out

There are no discussion in namespace

I just want to have discussions

And nobody gives a shit

Why would anybody gives a shit

I'm just bored and lonely on the internet

And there's nobody to blame

Another nonny responded with thoughts on Mark Millar.

I am bored and lonely on the internet

Mark Millar licks goat

But thank god he doesn't write for marvel anymore

So at least there's that

I wonder if someone ever wrote

Mark Millar/Goats

Maybe it was an Original Male Goat

Maybe it was on a kink meme

Maybe it was a Modern AU

In which Mark Millar still wrote for Marvel

Yet another responded with a parody of Jimmy Buffett's “Margaritaville.”

Don't know the reason

I watched the sixth season

Of one more show I was growing to hate

Pretty good fanart;

The fic was the best part

And they've just renewed it right through season eight.

I reblogged some writing

I thought was exciting

Got nothing but crickets to chirp in reply

Until some anon said

The writer should drop dead

And since I reblogged it, I guess so should I.

Wasting away again in Tumblritaville

Looking for those threaded comments I lost

Some people claim that it's the platform to blame

But my friends,

It's our own damn fault.

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