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f43954746fe15a1a51eebbdbcb7def6946e3bd945df5f3bb589bd0a14c2047ee.jpgA number of different books and authors have had followings on meme, some of them small but quite strong. Two of them are the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwall and The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett. There's also Patrick O'Brian's Aubreyad, and, of course, let us not forget the Grumpy Sutcliff Nonnies.

A reference to Bookanon wankiness from an EFW thread: "Picking up one oblique aside in the multi-paragraph comment to make a Sutcliff/Aubreyad/Lymond/Sharpe [delete for preference] historical novel series reference that still has nothing to do with OP's original -ism comment."

Sharpe nonnie reporting for duty, sir!

One anon watched the Sharpe movie series and reviewed each episode as they went:

* Company

* Enemy

* Honour

* Gold

* Battle

* Sword

* Regiment

* Siege

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